Friday, September 10, 2010

Set that SHIT up!

It's Friday and I'm sleuthing about..the week's highlights:

  • band practice was pretty good last night. I like the music and my chops aren't as weak as I thot they would be..and I get to play music w/ my Dad also being in the trombone freakin' badazz is that?
  • I survived my return to training camp..or what the owner is calling Frontier Movement..anyhoo..I worked out like a maniac..
  • However, attempting to curl 20 lb dumbbells after being away for 2.5 weeks was not a good idea..and it was not MY idea...
And get ready for Season 2 of Eastbound and Down, SuperC and I have been watching Season 1..and it's freakin' hillarious:

And hells yes, Dexter's coming back and I can't wait!


Courtney said...

I LOVE Dexter!!

wooliegirl said...

Great picture at the top!!! Gorgeous!
I too love it weird to be crushing on a serial killer??? Oh well, they need love too :)

Heather said...

ooooo! i was hoping for a second season of Kenny Powers! :) what a hilarious show! and Dexter...yeah, can't wait to see that one either!!!