Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hump Day Dozen!

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1. Do you do garage sales? If so, tell me about one great find. If not, tell me why not.
  • not really..I just have never thought about doing them.
2. Name the last thing you fixed.
  • my purse..the seaming was coming undone so I whip stitched it!
3. Name your A) Favorite item of makeup OR B) Favorite tool
  • Chapstick, for the win!
4. Which room in your home needs organizing more than any other?
  • the "fru"'s the catch all for yarn, books, gaming equipment
5. Which room could use re-decorating?
  • Master bathroom
6. Share something unique about your town.
  • I think Sherman burned it during the Civil War?
7. If you could send a one-sentence message to your great-grandchild, what would it be?
  • I don't have grands but to my nieces and nephews, I'd tell them, "pay attention, you only go around on the big ball once and Auntie Fru loves you very much"
8. Do you Facebook?
  • Yep
9. Describe your favorite shoes.
  • Speedo Flip Flops..two pair: one in brown/ one in black
10. Do you listen to more talk radio or more music radio? What kind of station is it?
  • I listen to the Public Radio here b/c I like the classical music they play
11. How far would you travel for a really good (favorite) meal?
  • hmm, good question..I dunno..
12. If you were totally honest with yourself (and us) what should you probably be doing right now instead of blogging?
  • packing my lunch for the day


KnitNurd said...

Wow, I love this one, fru! I see a two post Wednesday for my blog today. :=)

prymnumber said...

Hey! I thought I was the only one who treats chapstick as "makeup." Like that saying in the old American Express commercials, I "never leave home without it!"

Heather said...

hum, i may have to Borrow this :) and i miss NPR!