Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little gifts

This was the best part of my day yesterday! It occurred at 8:30 in the morning! I decided to take the morning off from Jazzercise. So here I am, knitting on my rainbow knitpicks felici socks, with JiJi kitty & BayBay kitty on their respective scratchies.

Yesterday turned out to be a most uncomfortable day otherwise. I arrived at my office to learn that the A/C was out. Normally no big deal but its a big sweaty deal if the temps have been in the 100's and they had been. So I was able to use an office upstairs b/c there are 2 A/C units in the building. It worked but I had to move 2 clients b/c they couldn't climb stairs. Then the sky opened up during my last session and it was a bit difficult to concentrate when I could hear hail pinging the window and so much thunder that I paused an awful lot to be able to talk.

Either way, I hope today is better! I hope everyone's Tuesday is a great one!

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