Thursday, June 3, 2010

on the mend

during some down time yesterday, I googled what to do when you've strained your Iliopsoas muscles. Want to know what your Iliopsoas muscles are? Here ya go, thanx wikipedia:


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Anterior Hip Muscles 2.PNG
Anterior hip muscles. (Psoas minor not pictured.)
Latin musculus iliopsoas
Gray's subject #127 467
Origin iliac fossa, spine
Insertion lesser trochanter of femur
Artery medial femoral circumflex artery, iliolumbar artery
Nerve femoral nerve, L1, L2
Actions flexion of hip
Antagonist Gluteus maximus, posterior compartment of thigh

The term Iliopsoas refers to the combination of three muscles:

These muscles are distinct in the abdomen, but usually indistinguishable in the thigh. As such, they are usually given a common name and are referred to as the "dorsal hip muscles"[1] or "inner hip muscles"[2].

Anyhoo..I found this:

  • R: rest
  • I: ice
  • C: compress
  • E: elevate
  • R: referall
So I rested it by rescheduling my next personal training session, I got me some icy hot, rocked ou a heating pad on both leggies, and elevated it. Getting a massage today and I have to say that I feel much better. Yay for me b/c I was super pissed that I had some how managed to injure myself whilst training. I think actually the injury came from being stretched out afterwards..but anyhoo..I'm feeling 100% better yesterday. And am rocking a new scent that I like to call, "Eau de IcyHotFru".

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KnitNurd said...

I remember when Eau de Ben Gay was all the rage. I've heard the Icy Hot is really good though, so I'm glad you're feeling a lot better!! :=)