Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Happy Wednesday!

I'm stealing time to blog b/c I think I forgot to this morning. So after recovering from my totally awesome personal training session on Monday, I've realized that I've done something to both of my Iiliopsoas' (think upper inner thigh, close to hip flexors on both sides). I think actually I didn't injur them, they just may have gotten stretched too far. Sigh..either way, I've been using a heating pad and have a massage scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

Met with the nutritionist yesterday and am officially on a "plateau". So the goal is for me to eat a consistent amount of calories at each meal and for my snacks and see if that works for this body o' mine. I could tell from going to Jazzercise this morning that my workout w/ the trainer on Monday did jump up my system b/c I worked hard in Jazzercise but didn't feel it as much as I normally do. So I hope this means that the plateau can kiss my arse.

I went onto and was surprised to see this being offered as a refurb:

So i bought it for myself and yes, I bought the green, not the pink one.

That's all I got for now, sore Fru-out!

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KnitNurd said...

My iPod and I have had an ongoing love affair from the day we met!
Very pretty favorite color!!!