Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello, June, how YOU doin?

Alright, bebehs! My Memorial Day Weekend was one of the best I've enjoyed in a while!

On Friday:
  • I jazzercised and had knit time w/ Grammy.
  • Had lunch w/ the fabulous most awesome Lisa
  • Managed to play my DeathKnight, who's actually named Frudemorte, with ease b/c SuperC found me an amazing add on which shows me which buttons to hit and when whilst smacking badguy ass
On Saturday:
  • I taugh an intense h20 aerobix class, no throwing ppl off the pool deck this time and replaced the ink on my home printer
  • Hung out my inlaw's pool until a Thunder Bumper showed up
On Sunday:
  • Went to church, enjoyed an awesome lunch with my inlaws and great dinner w/ my parents
  • got the recipe to make this:
  • Right now, I'm calling it, "Ginky's crackrock" b/c my Mom, whom I affectionately call Ginky is the master at making this. It's also known as Pine Bark and I think Meghan over at Stitch It may make it also but I couldn't find the recipe. Think butter toffee and chocolataye goodness, y'all!
  • got a lot of stuff done around the house
  • Made the mistake of eating left over Chinese
  • Survived my first training session w/ a trainer and came home to puke my guts out, which I was reassured was completely normal b/c my body would not be used to the workout that it had just been put through. It was awesome! I'm doing it again on Friday morning! The picture at the top of today's blog post is from after that training session!
  • I look forward to hanging out with AwesomeTash as she stops by this afternoon
  • Off to see my nutritionist here in a bit
  • This time next week, I'll be en route to summer workshop up in West Virginia
That's it for me, happy Tuesday, bebehs!


Lisa said...

Is that pic pre or post puke? I love it!! So glad you enjoyed the workout - I'm telling you, he's one of the best in Columbia!!
Had a great time on Fri! Let's not wait too long for the next lunch!!

Fru-la-la! said...

post puke, all the way! I was so proud of myself!!