Saturday, June 5, 2010

to do to do to do

howdee bebehs! Happy Saturday! yesterday was an awesome adventure of helping dear Lu organize her office and errand running. more errands today after h20 aerobix.

Leggie smeggies are feeling much better and that's good b/c I'm training again today at 1 PM. However, I've been assured that I will not be doing the same training things twice. I owned up to my recent spending spree to SuperC, who was honest and fair, with questions like, "how's this gonna get you out of debt?!". To which I replied, "It's not, you're right.". So here's the spree, if I put it out here, I will remain accountable:
  • green refurb'd iPod nan0 (shipping soon)
  • fitbit (shipped yesterday)
  • yarn pron from NHKnittingMama (shipped yesterday)
So my circes better be nice one's because those are the last biggies I shall be getting in a while. I'm excited b/c whilst rooting around in my front room, I managed to unearth prezzies for AwesomeTash and BellaBoo for their birfdays. I get to see them tomorrow.

I head up to West Virginia on Tuesday. My list of running to do before then includes:
  • post office
  • library (terry pratchett's audio books for the road trip)
  • bank
Not too bad, it's been worse. I will try my darnedest to get a podcast produced before I hit the road. Alright, gotta move it to h20 aerobix.


drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

You girl have definitely to prioritize, LOL. It is hard to not spend, but if one wishes to be "debt-free" one must focus on the goal. Sort of like your focus on health! Good luck on all of your focuses (hmmmmm is that word?) and have fun in W.V.


Andrew Newby said...

Got time for me to line up an appt Monday or Tuesday?

wooliegirl said...

I hope your training went well yesterday and you are feeling better today! Take care of yourself! And we all deserve a little prize to ourselves every now and then, it's a morale booster :)
Have a great trip to may be passing near my country on your trip.