Monday, June 21, 2010

it's all good!

Know wat I love abt Wallyworld (aka Wal-Mart)? Freakin' awesome t-shits like the one above!! So they have these t-shirts in the jrs section and I was thinking about it later. The things that are on the t's are things that ppl in my cohort would get and squee over. So I'm not really sure who they're marketing too but I don't care. I managed to get SuperC some Hawaiian Punch drink mixes for a $1.00 a box which is the cheapest we've been able to find yet. And two super kewl shirts. My only complaint about the shirt above is that it doesn't have Mr. Snuffleupagus, who is the shit, ya know?

And now, a special blogging guest today....

puuuurrrrr...hello readers of my mommy's blog......purrrrr...worrble..woorrble....this is JiJikitty.....worble...woooorble...
..I wantz to thank you for all the well wishes you sent me from my mommy's blog thingy. the truth is...the worst part of it...was when my mommy and daddy took me to the vet and i had to stay up there with them for two hours...where's the nice vet lady who used to come visit us at the house?? anyhoo...there were too many noises, and other fuzzy things that wanted to play with me and JiJikitty doesn't play...she i just told those other fuzzy things..."as if....!"....then i got home and had to tell BayBaykitty to "recognize!" and "respect my authoritah" (i learned that from listening to my daddy when he blows up stuff on his computer)....anyhooo...I am feeling better and just wish they would stop fussing at me whenever i start to itch...a girl's gotta itch, ya know?..Also, please excuse the headshot above, I don't know how many times i've told mommy that i don't do un-staged's just not how i i must go supervise daddy as he gets ready to go make me some more money.
puuuuurrrrr...jiji..and her mommy...OUT!


knittinwolf said...

Cute t!

Ahhhhh sweet fur baby dahling we all wuvvvvvv you! Prrrrrrrrr!

KnitNurd said...

Ummmm..."freakin' awesome T-SHITS?" hahahhaha Too funny fru!!

JiJi Kitty, you are just about the cutest dang thang..glad to see you all feisty again! :=)