Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'll take FO & WIP for $200, Alex!

Finished this over the weekend. It's a cover for my iPod Nano that I did w/ my left over Knitwitch Celestial Sportweight yarn in Venus. I love it!
Dear Sweet NanaKateKing,
This is the beginning of your bebeh blanket, sweet angel.
I loved you before I knew you.
It's going to take everything within my power to give this blanket to you and not keep it for myself because I love the color combination's.
But I love you more, so this one shall be yours, little princess.

Always, Auntie Fru

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KnitNurd said...

Too precious! I'm sure NanaKateKing will love her Auntie Fru bunches too and will always have her new blankie with her. Pretty colors for a pretty little princess!!