Wednesday, April 14, 2010

yah..this kitty bizness...I'm done!

Today, we found out that there was a nice lady who was willing to get Hussykitty and her babies. She showed up at the house after I got done working and Hussykitty was gone, along with two of her 4 bebehs.

I'm done. We put food out and water for her. She's prolly moved the babies because she doesn't think it's safe any more under the TA and she's right. Because I can't deal w/ the stress of worrying about her and her 4 kitties. So here's hoping that her butt comes back tonight to get the other 2 bebehs and the angels of mother nature can protect them because I am so ovah it!

Today has been a blur. Saw clients, came home to realize that the flowers I attempted to have delivered to my niece where delivered to me instead, said a few bad words and now I'm just worn out. I didn't get a chance to chart today because it was that busy. I didn't get a chance to pay bills today because it was that busy.

I feel like my favorite line from Steel Magnolias, "she's so confused, she doesn't know whether to scratch her watch or wind her butt"!.


KnitNurd said...

Hope you get some rest!!! :=)

knittinwolf said...

Love and hugs sweetcheeks!