Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kitteh update

Oh boy, yesterday was a doozy!!

I came home to find one of the bebeh kitties sprawled out in the sun, panting hard and MamaKitteh..actually I've named her HussyKitteh was no where to be found. So I panicked and then called my friend who used to be a vet tech and she told me to scoop the bebehs up and take them to Pets Inc. Well I did that. And the lady at Pets Inc said, "Mama's always come back for their babies. Take them back and then if the Mama doesn't show up, call some local kitten rescues in town. There are 3 but I can't give you their names".
And I was like, "Watthefuck?"

So I drove the mewing kittehs home, in my frakkin car with no AC and thank goodness my OCD self thought to buy some latex gloves from the Dollar Tree. I put on my gloves and gently put the little bebehs (4 of them) back under the trans am. Then I started to cry because I was afraid that my scent would make HussyKitteh not want them and I just couldn't handle that, ya'll!!
So I regrouped and SuperC was awesome, as usual. Then I went to jazzercise b/c I needed to work out, y'all! However, jazzercise on carpet is not my favorite thing!

I came home and was relieved to see HussyKitteh in the back drive way. I got out, looked at her and said, "You better take care of those bebehs!!" And went inside. SuperC and I discussed wat to do and thus began the many phone calls to kitteh rescues. And the bottom line is this:
  • If we want HussyKitteh to stick around, we had to put out food and water. Apparently le kittehs are only 3 days old or so. Right now, with their mama is the safest place to be. So we haz to make sure HussyKitteh doesn't disappear so she can continue to nurse the bebehs.
  • Since HussyKitteh (HK, for short) didn't act like a feral diva, I've been encouraged to put out flyers and find out if she belongs to someone. Right, I'll get right on that in the midst of running a full therapeutic practice and just regular badazz chores. (I'll do that next week after I get back from Tybee).
  • Basically, I have to keep calling around to find a place that would be interested in taking both her and le kitties. Right now, I've found places that will take le kitties to foster them once they get older but they won't take HK. I feel horrible about that!
I managed to catch a few shots of HussyKitteh in action. here she is:


Courtney said...

I love black kitties...what do your Queen Diva kitties think about HK?

KnitNurd said...

Three days old!!??! For some reason, I had the impression they were much older than You're right, you have to feed mama then. If HK does belong to someone, it's a shame she wasn't spayed before now.

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Definite drama...I'm not sure what I would have done...probably the same, make sure she had food and water and babies were alright for the time being. Those little babies are totally defenseless!