Friday, April 16, 2010

doing the right thing is sometimes exhausting

Just a quick blurb before I hit the road for a much needed retreat down to Tybee Island, GA.
Quick and dirrty style, no less:
  • HK abandoned 2 of the 4 kitties and SuperC & I were both heartsick about it. I was not gonna let these kitties die on my watch, y'all!! I called around and got told no a lot, got told that the babies never should have been handled by the douchebag lady that showed up to get them the night before and finally found some help from midlandskittens.
  • I finished with clients yesterday and came home to check on the kitties, whom I named, "Mercy" and "Grace" and realized that they might not make it until 6 pm when I was supposed to drop them off. So thank goodness for the ladies at The Cat Clinic b/c when I called them, they were like, "sure, bring them over, we'll feed them and get them to go potty for you". So I did that and the whole time, Mercy and Grace were just crying, crying, crying and I was just freaking, freaking, freaking.
  • So then after that, I got a call from one of the volunteers at Midlands Kittens who said, meet me and I'll take them and get them to their surrogate mama. I did that and then called my friend L and just cried my eyes out.
  • I was tired of people telling me "no". I was tired of people telling me to "trust Mother Nature". I was mad as hell at God for making me so compassionate and I was tired of people giving me shit about "handling the kittens too early". Note to those pet rescue people: I understand that you are passionate about your work as am I but being an asshole douchebag to people that are trying to help solves nothing and almost gets you cussed out by snarkypants fru.
  • After dropping off the kitties, I hauled ass over to my therapist appointment and then did some other stuff.
I'm tired. The car rental place took for-effen-ever to get my car and I'm off to the beach. Enjoy the weekend, bebehs!


KnitNurd said...

Oh fru, I'm so glad you stuck with it and found someone to take those poor little orphans!!!
Have a superdedooper time at your retreat!!!

knittinwolf said...

So glad you found some kitteh help! I'm sooo that way....way to compassionate and I always get hurt....

On a side note....rented United States of Tara from Netflix....its about Dissociative Disorder....awesome!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, sniff some salt air for me too! Pics too!

PfeifferGrad03 said...

As a Mommy of 5 rescued Fur-Babies...I 2nd your comment of not being assholes when us "normal" folks are trying to help out the animal kingdom. Yay for snarkypants Fru (cause sometimes you just have to be that way!)

Hope you had a great time at the beach!

Betty Graham said...

I`m sorry Wendy but when C asked for help,the rescue people were the only ones i knew to call that i knew would help...PetsInc will NEVER help
when you find stray babies