Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Y'all meet my new admin!

I know y'all may be tired of seeing pics of JiJi kitty but I had to share these! She's my new admin assistant, as evidenced above. She loves to lay on the table while I'm charting on my laptop. She mumbles things like, "Yes, mommy, that one's a nut job; I don't know how you do it".
Here she is in the morning, where she plants herself right at the foot of my desk chair and supervises my blogging, and stalking on fb. She also demands attention by sprawling out and just looking absolutely adorable. Tell me, would you be able to ignore her a fuzzy girl if she was like this at your feet? I cannot...!

Although this morning, she's making it known that she's fairly hella-pissed at me b/c I had to clean up her poopybutt. She carried on like a little diva, fussing and whatnot. I half expected her to wake up SuperC. I just said to her, "You go, babypoopybutt, You make a scene...a performance worthy of blogdom, indeed!".


knittinwolf said...

Keep the pics comin of those babies! Love'm! Know all about chasin' after the berries clinging to the fur!

Courtney said...

I love the kitty pictures...just tell her that dingleberries are not very diva-ish :-) lol

Anonymous said...

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Shevon said...

It's so hard to get good help these days. :P What a cute kitty.