Thursday, April 1, 2010

holy moly, hello April!

Okay bebehs,

I had every intention of cranking out an amazing post to update on my misadventures this week but I am pressed for time.

So here it is, quick and dirty:
  • Hubs surprised me with two adorable stuffed animals that he ordered from Blizzard. One is a Horde bebeh Lion, and one is an Alliance Griffyin. I shall snap pics this afternoon.
  • I had the awesome opportunity to hang out w/ Lulubean yesterday and compare budgets.
  • I discovered E=mealz while listening to Dave Ramsey. Google it and thank me later.
  • I'm a freakin' budgeting diva with gazelle intensity and I shall be debt free!! (maybe in a bajillion years, but it's gonna happen)
  • I have been awarded the sunshine blog award by two awesome ladies that I think just rock. i want to have enough time to post and do it correctly so just know it's coming.
  • Podcast shall be recorded tomorrow.
  • Launched Knit for Charity Lapghan to Dawn and it arrived safely.
  • Am working like mad on bebeh hats for Tasha's contest.
  • Did not finish Vanilla Knitmores but will by this weekend. I'm working on the toes, y'all!
KK, i think that's it but I gotta move my arse to get into the office!! Hugs and snaps, bebehs!


Tasha King said...

no need to rush on wonderbebehking hats, we have plenty of time !

Lisa said...

dave ramsey = good stuff!
lookin forward to sat!! yumm..

knittinwolf said...

I love stuffed going to Build a Bear...I'm a big kid!:) I wanna get that itty bitty hat book to make Tasha some hats, they're so flippin cute!

KnitNurd said...

I'm loving making my hats for Tasha!
Thank gawd you're going to do another podcast soon...going thru sassypants withdrawals here...:=)