Sunday, March 28, 2010

in which I rest & get a bit crazed about my budget

Hey Bebehs,
Happy Sunday! I managed to sleep in, the alarm clock kittehs listened to me last night when I decreed, "Mommy is sleeping in JiJi Jazzercise while Mommy's neepyin', mmkay?". For once she listened!
Then I finished my Knit for Charity, y'all Lapghan, which will be mailed to Knittenwolf tomorrow:Here is JiJi, my yarn co-pilot, loving on the lapghan and sending a secret message to Fuji. I'll have to wait and find out what she said to Fuji when the blanket gets delivered.

Then SuperC and I ran errands, and I came home and got a bit obsessed with this budget thing and how to do more with less and whatnot. I am seriously thinking that I'll have to start a donation drive for me to go to SAFF this October..but I'm not going to stress just yet...

It's been a wonderful, peaceful day and I feel like I could go back to bed right now but we taped the race and will be watching that while I put the last efforts towards finishing my Vanilla Knitmores before the end of the month.


knittinwolf said...

hee hee Fuji will probably say "peeeuuuuuu I smell a poottty tat!"

Great job chica!!

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

I invite you to my blog to pick up your Sunshine Blog Award!