Thursday, March 4, 2010

y'all are awesome!

Okay, so I'ma do it!!

We shall see..I'm still waiting for the details....but I think the way it works is that you go to what they are calling a "Casting Call" which is basically a movement screening. They want to make sure you haz good rhythm and basic mastery of the moves. And then after that, you find out if you've passed it and then you are able to sit for the certification part of the training. I'm pretty sure there's a test and a 3 day process where you teach a class. And since we all know that I'm a dancing fool and tend to pick up on stuff pretty easily, I'm not concerned about the casting call.

As y'all have pointed out, all they can say is "No" and I can say, "Okay, no for now but I'll be BACK!".


KnitNurd said...

I'm sure the powers that be will see what a natural you are for the job...good luck!!

Courtney said...

I agree with Deedee...they will see what a natural you are and what a wonderful personality you have and will just love you like we all do!