Friday, March 5, 2010

Castle upgrade complete!

An exciting day here in le household. We gotz an upgrade, y'all!!

See this is what happens when you buy a lovely little home from a contractor. After being in it for 7.5 years, you find little things that he did that made perfect sense to him at the time but are really just frakkin' stupid. I present Exhibit A:

This nastyazz thing was the window in the master bedroom. The smudges on the wall are from the aircleaner that I shall be cleaning later today.

"But Fru," you may be thinking, "that's not so gets hot as hell in South Cackalacky in the Summer, a window AC unit makes perfect sense?" This is true but when you realize that the previous owner has somehow managed to weld the frakin' thing into the window frame, making it damn near impossible to remove without doing structural damage to the window, wat ya gonna do?

I'll tell ya what we did. We went here, asked them if they could replace just one window in a home, and when they didn't die laughing at us, we decided to do it. Best $$ we've spent yet on le castle. Behold our new window:

Isn't it lovely? Another place for le kitties to peer out and survey their domain. Another place to get natural light in the house, another place for me to make sure I don't prance around my underoo's doing my favorite Beyonce impressions....

Happy Friday, bebehs! Make it a good one!



Courtney said...

That is a very pretty new window! Have a great weekend!

knittinwolf said...

Pretty window! Nice and clean waiting for the crows in the windex commercial to be looking through! he hee

knittinwolf said...

Have an award for you on my blog! Love ya lots!!