Monday, February 8, 2010

Today's blog...

brought to you by the letter "R", as in respite, rest, relaxation.

Yesterday turned out to be an awesome day, filled with non-stop crocheting & knitting goodness. I got a chance to enjoy SuperC's awesome chili (his best pot yet) and knit like mad on my two at a time Knitmore socks while watching the Superbowl.

Also, I have made a stunning realization. I most prefer to knit, and crotchet by myself. This is a surprising realization. I also realized that it is possible for me to have too much stimulation, and that I prefer to knit and crotchet in silence more than watching tv, or listening to podcasts. It just seems more peaceful that way...more of a respite. Hmm...interesting, eh?

"R" also stands for really late with pics of the birfday swag. So here, enjoy these late pics of my treasures from my birfday!


Courtney said...

Love the new yarn! I love Knitpicks yarn :-)

Shevon said...

Very interesting thoughts. I find that I tend to get craft quicker if I'm alone, and there's silence, but I can go for longer at a knitting circle, or if I'm watching tv.