Tuesday, February 9, 2010

why i love ravelry

above, the awesomeness that I received from Knittinwolf for my birfday!

I had no idea of the awesomeness that would find it's way into my life when a friend of mine mentioned joining Ravelry to me about a year and a half ago.

The women that I have been able to meet and befriend have turned out to be some of my most kindred spirits, long-lost ya-ya sisters, and fanclub members I could have ever dreamed of having in my life.

why? you may ask...well lemme show you:

for my birfday, I'm still receiving awesome fiber goodness in the form of random prezzies in the mail:
this awesomeness arrived today from my fairy pugmother, Janabananapunkinpants & this is me loving on said fiber awesomeness!!
On Saturday, I returned from my yoga workshop to find an amazing box from Ilovesockmonkeys will all kinds of awesomeness in it:


Courtney said...

Those are some awesome presents!!!

knittinwolf said...

What awesome prezzies! We love you because you are such a special, sweet, loving person....

Love, Love Love Love that sock monkey bag........