Sunday, February 7, 2010

kitty love

tell me how on earth I was supposed to donate something that got this much kitty love? it's not possible! So it's the starting part of my first ever crotcheted afghan.
Jiji loves mommy's crotcheted projects!
BayBay yarn supervisor!
Much of the time I made this first panel, I would lay in bed and Nana would be up on her gray thing (pictured here), supervising. Every few minutes, she'd pounce and smack the yarn!


Courtney said...

Such cute kitties :-) I wish I could have a kitty or two but one of my dogs likes to chase kitties when they run so I dont want to add to the chaos in my house :-)

knittinwolf said...

What sweet babies...they're helping you crochet!

Shevon said...

Too cute. It is always important to have your feline/canine managers to supervise and critique the crafting. My Shih Tzu tells me which projects are comfiest, those are the ones he lays on if I leave them on the couch, attached to needles and all.