Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cold snark

Happy Tuesday!

Just a few blurbs because I gotta get a move on:
  • I'm very tired of having that medicine funk taste in my mouth from OTC meds but I am on the mend
  • SuperC now has what I had and he's a sad panda..and I feel like a grinch for giving it to him
  • Le podcast will be recorded this afternoon. My attempts to do it on Saturday were thwarted when my software and my pc got into a fight
  • Return to WoW is imminent!
  • I am still very very tired. Perhaps I was hella burnt out before the xmas holidays or it's just this crud still lingering, but I could use another week to stalk ppl on fb, stalk patterns and yarn pron on ravelry, knit and sleep


Tasha King said...

i had the curd for about 5 days and the second to last daywas the worst, monday i started feeling much better...

Courtney said...

Poor Super C, I hope you both feel better soon!

KnitNurd said...

The crud lingers for a while and it's fighting me like no tomorrow, but prolly cuz I can't take OTC meds. Just when I feel like I can conquer the world again, it knocks me right back on my azz. You and SuperC take it nice and slow and if you have netty pots, USE THEM! Scooter also keeps his toothbrush in a cup of peroxide, something I failed to do this time. He had it for all of a couple days. Get well soon!! :=)