Saturday, January 2, 2010

The crud & the bug!

Happy New Year, y'all! I hope it was an awesome time for everyone!! SuperC and I spent the evening playing Mario Brothers on the Wii and I was shocked I was able to do so well. I think he was a bit flummoxed that I did well too, but don't tell him I said that :). He also got me an early birfday prezzie and bought me "Just Dance" which is this awesome game where you shake your money maker with the person the on the screen. They haz Womanizer by Brit Brit (It's Brittany!!!) so you know I tore that shit up!!!! :)

In winding down my much needed week of respite, the creepy crud, bad juju sinus cold monster showed up and walloped my arse like no body's bizness! So I am taking medication and sleeping a lot. Thank goodness for superC who is very organized about asking me if I've taken my meds.

Yesterday, I celebrated the wonderful new year with a delightful interview from Susan, the podcast host of KnitaJourney. I told the hubs that I was nervous and thought I'd run out of things to yammer about but I had an awesome time talking to her. We gabbed for an hour and a half, y'all!! The interview will go up on her podcast the week going into my birfday, so look for it around the 3rd week of January.

That being blogged, I need to go ahead and put this out here for the sake of being open and as transparent as possible in the world of the internetz.

I am a psychotherapist in real I call a therapeutic ninja. I had every intention of hiding that but some of you are very perceptive and know me and have asked so I'm putting it out here. I'm claiming it because I think it's rather cool that who I am in my work and who I am in my play are blending nicely. And truthfully, what you see with me in real life is what you get when you sit with me in a consulting room. Yes, I use words like, "Oh snap!" and "shitballs!" with my clients. It makes me more human to them. And, by the way, the people I work with, are hella-awesome.

In addition to that blurb, I haz been bitten by the knitting bug. I finished my flying arrows socks and am gifting them because they are just not my colahs! (colors)! I'm sad to report that my cheapy no name size 2 bamboo circulars bit the dust and SuperC (slapbet fiber diet commissioner) has ruled that I can buy a new pair since it's related to equipment failure and not me buying unnecessary yarn pron. He did say however, that I cannot buy any knitting/crochet paraphernalia...I did not know this when I hmph!! So I haz my bag ready to go and ready to cast on some monkeys by Cookie A in some beautiful knitpicks stroll sock yarn pron (thank you fairy pugmother) and I'm also working on a calorimetry so my ears will no longer freeze in the am!

Alright, must scoot and go freeze my assets off at H20 aerobics this AM! Fru-la-la OUT!


KnitNurd said...

Awwww fru, crap!!! I had that crud hit me on Christmas Eve and even today, I still feel wiped out. It's not going to stop me from letting my honey treat me to a nice lunch out though...he's well aware of the cabin fever that's driving me up the wall today! Hope you whoop it before it gets to your core.
You are going to lurrrve the monkeys by Cookie A. The only advice I have for you though is make sure you knit them from a stretchy sort of yarn. The lace makes them a pretty snug fit. Also, I wrote out each line on an index card, punched holes in the top, put them on rings and then all I had to do was flip them to keep track of the row I was on...especially if you get interrupted. Hope this makes sense for ya! Happy monkey knitting!!!

Courtney said...

I that sucks that you got attacked by the creeping crudd. I had a bit of a bug last week. I love your socks! They came out super cute!
I will have to download knitajourney to my itunes!
Have fun with the monkeys, I have knit a few pairs and love them!!!