Thursday, January 7, 2010

double work = double snark

Happy Thursdays!
Thanks y'all for the awesome comments on le blog about feeling better. I'm happy to report that I'm on the mend but SuperC is still in the weeds. And I would really love to send him to the MD but he's not feelin' it, and I haz to respect that (even if I don't want to).

Le podcast, sadly, did not happen this week. And there's a good reason why:

On Monday, I had difficulty connecting to our wireless router in my practice and just thought my laptop was being wonky. No worries, I'll take care of it tomorrow. Tuesday, I talked to the building owner/my mentor.

She changed service providers and disconnected the wireless router.

Didn't bother to tell anyone else that she'd done this. Didn't think about it. Didn't think about calling me and giving me a head's up when I was on vakay last week and could have gotten a router. Nope, she just didn't think about it. And as much as I love her, I could have killed her on Tuesday.

Initially, I was like, "ok, no big". but as the day wore on, and I became aware of a few things:
  • I'm a therapist that does all of her billing and charting online.
  • I am able to accept credit cards when clients pay, as long as I can get online.
  • The beginning of the year is the worst for practitioners that accept health insurance because you have to see if the policies have changed and what the deductible amounts are online.
  • Some clients need receipts for sessions and those are generated by my software, again online.
  • By the end of the day, my mentor's mistake had cost me at least $90 in instant monies (a big deal if you are dependent on client's to pay their bills) as a result of my inability to get online.
So, SuperC and I had a discussion and we're getting a router.

But Fru, how does this impact Sassypants Knitter?

I had every intention of recording after Jazzercise on Wednesday morning. Instead, I had to take all the recording time and use it to do charting, billing and insurance phone calls that I was unable to do whilst working on Tuesday. To say that I was in a foul mood because of this would be an understatement.

And the one thing I know for sure about myself, snarkyness does not equal good podcast. Because what you see with me is what you get, and because I'm getting over a bug, it's entirely possible that I could podcast with my arse on my shoulders the whole time and while I haz a segment that's "a bit of snark", I don't want le podcast to be called snarkypantsknitter, ya know? :)

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Courtney said...

I would have been pissed are a much better person than I, I would have been pissed and said something probably...that was very rude and not considerate of others.