Saturday, December 19, 2009

a bit o' yule snark

Today I am much better. This helped considerably last night b/c my husband is freakin' awesome!Between people doing shady stuff, and me accidentally burning my phone up, yesterday I was just little miss snarkypants.

But I am better today. I haz finished 1 of the last 3 sets of crotcheded booties as Xmas prezzies. I haz a replacement phone headed my way and am rocking my old dragon phone for the time being.

Trying to stay healthy to survive the next 3 working days until I am done for 2009.


KnitNurd said...

Your flowers are beautiful! Congratulations on the weight loss sillyfru..I've been watching your ticker and it's a definite inspiration!! :=)

Courtney said...

VEry pretty flowers!! SOunds like you had a pretty bad day!