Monday, December 21, 2009

A bit of this, a bit of that!

Happy Monday, y'all! So I was recording my podcast and goofin' around and realized that it's the end of a decade coming up?!

How'd I miss this?! I tell ya what, sometimes I'm very intelligent but also very very dense! Like the time I called my mom and asked her if self-cleaning ovens shrink when you clean them b/c I couldn't get the oven racks back in?!! Yes, I know...I still get harangued by that one!

So this weekend was a most relaxing one. All the Christmas Prezzies are wrapped! I have two things left to ship out at the post office and am loading up my iPod shuffle with podcasts so I don't get grumbly if I have to wait too long in line. Today's adventures also include a visit to my therapist (good stuff, always) and work for me.

Some reflections on the last 10 years...

In 2000...
  • Beginning 2000, I was enduring probably my worst break up EVER. Absolutely had issues with depression but missed it entirely. I was in my first year of grad school and how I managed to finish my Spring 2000 semester is beyond me. Much of the time I remember, working a few hours, coming home to sleep, going to class, coming home, crying, and sleeping.
  • I started a job as a Residence Life Coordinator up at Penn State University. It was my first big adventure, moving 12 hours away from home, all by myself. I loved the idea of it. The reality of it was difficult. Having done most of my growing up in the south, I wasn't prepared for the closed-offed-ness of people that I encountered up in PA. I also met some really awesome people too! I also realized the recurrent lesson that shows up still to this day, "Just because you can do something, doesn't necessarily mean you should". I'm glad for my experiences up at PSU but not sure I would do it again. :)
  • Christmas of 2000 was life changing in that I came home for the holidays and met SuperC. I remember telling him that he seemed nice enough, but to not waste his time on me. I'm glad he didn't listen to me! We had dinner, the rest, as they say, is history!
enjoy your monday! fru-out!

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