Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mad Dash crotcheding, yo!

So first I had to post this pic of what will hopefully be our mascot for Ravelympics! What could be better than Will Ferrell in spandex, with sparkles, glitter and a ninja headband? Not much, I tell ya, not much!

So I am crotcheding like a mofo to finish these paw warmers and I'm over it. Seriously, K and D maybe getting theirs after xmas and if God gave me understanding friends, it would be them. Work going well, reading Back to One: A practical guide for psychotherapists by Sheldon Kopp. Written in 1977, I read it when I started private practice 4.5 years ago. I get it so much better now. It's perhaps another one of my talisman reads that I've unearthed.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday!