Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The "new" foreplay!

Mercilessly ganked from a friend's facebook page, might I present the new foreplay: "speed hump"...buwahahahahahaha!

okay so it's been a great week! I started wonderdrug to help boost my metabolism and kill my appetite. It will henceforth be known as WD. Don't ask for specifics..I'm open but I'm not going there on the worldwideweb.

My basal energy expenditure test w/ the nutritionst on Monday did not happen. Their machine was broken so it is scheduled for next Monday. This test, my sweets, will apparently print out how many calories I'm burning at rest, how many I need to lose the poundage, and other good stuff. The meeting with the nutritionist went really well and I recommend her! She pretty much detailed out a plan of eating for me, in terms of calories, and gave me some specific things to go get and some guidelines that were manageable. She did say however, that I needed to choose between a cuppycake or a blizzard..that I could not have both in a week...and that, I am proud to say is the question I've been working with over and over...decisions decisions. She also was very supportive about me trying WD as long as I am under doctor's orders..which I AM!

So being on WD, what I am noticing more than a considerable boost in energy. Yes, it could be a placebo. Yes, it could be all in my mind..but I feel like I've got the energy I had when I was in 10 years ago. I'm not running around the house like a crack rabbit but I'm not so freakin' tired! Better living through chemicals, I say! I'm also rocking a mild cold sweat which is refreshing but makes my hair look like butt...but I'll take it!

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Lisa said...

So glad to hear you have something you feel is working! And the energy boost - very kewl!!