Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fru's 20 Wishes

Now my friend, Kaykay, swears that I stalk Debbie Macomber, and that's just not true. I did attempt to see her in person earlier this year and then chickened out, all the while, KayKay followed behind me in Sam's, laughing and pointing. Anyhoo..I digress...Debbie Macomber is an author that I enjoy reading because her books are easy, predictable and make me smile. The first book I ever read of hers was Twenty Wishes. It's a cute enough book and it motivated me to make a few wishes of my own. They were mainly to learn how to knit and then learn how to crochet. I'm happy to say that I've done both of those.

But here's my updated list of 20 wishes. I'm not sure there are even 20..and they are in no particular order. Dream big, kiddos! that's what I tried to do when I made the list!

  1. Go to Vegas
  2. Get certified to teach Anusara Yoga
  3. Go to Europe
  4. Try every Cuppycake on Cupcakes menu
  5. Take another stained glass class
  6. Run the Mud Run (I said, DREAM BIG)!
  7. Tour the US Capitol Building & the Library of Congress
  8. Take a dance class
  9. Go to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival
  10. Run a 5 K
  11. Go to Texas
  12. Take a cruise to Alaska
  13. Present at an AAP Conference (American Academy of Psychotherapist Badazzes!!)
  14. Learn sanskrit
  15. Get another tattoo
  16. Go to the Sock Summit to see/stalk The Yarn Harlot
  17. Pay off my student loans


puggerhugger said...

what is a mud run? sounds fun!

Lisa said...

what?@!?! what's this 5k business? go for marathon distance! 26.2 miles!