Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday blurps!

Morning Blogdom!

blurps of my latest adventures:
  • Day 5 of more cold is good! Energy is good!
  • so thrilled the Cocks whipped some Ole Miss ass last night!
  • Happy Anniversary to KayKay CutiePie & Big Jules!
  • Training today w/ the lovely Betz, which means..mischief and eye rolls!
  • Yarn adventures include finishing up my 10 dollar ami swap (pics soon), knocking out my interpretation of a Pedobear for a dear friend, mystery ami ( I think it's a Dalmatian pup), Christmas Games swap, and my own holiday knitting.
  • I haz a cro-injury. I haz crocheted so much in the last few days that my right lat is sore!
  • That's all for now! Fru-out!

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