Tuesday, September 29, 2009

B!tch a$$ award

So yesterday was prolly the toughest day I've had in a while.....

however, the Gods smiled upon me and my fantasy football team squeaked out a victory. I printed this out to send w/ hubs on his way to work for the person I defeated: (thank you, Pugger).
On other good news stuff, I got asked by Drew Emborsky, the guy who created the pattern, Paw Warmers, to use a picture of my finished Fuzzy Feet on his ravelry page. This means that when you search for a pattern for crocheted booties, one of my pics will show up on the pattern page. The link is here. I am not sure it will work so here is a pic of what is featured:
So these are the good things. The bad things are cost-related. My car is getting fixed so I can get up to Ashevegas for SAFF at the end of October. It's more than I expected. BCBS screwed up an insurance issue from March 2008!!! and if it's not resolved in about two weeks, I have to refund them the money that they paid me...it's about a $300 screw up on their part that I'm not thrilled about..but if I don't pay it, I lose my contract as a provider..which is not an option.

Hoping today is better than yesterday! Fru-out!


Lisa said...

That is so neat about your fuzzt feet! Sorry to hear about the BCBS issue..ugh. Makes me want to stay away from being on panels...and the car stuff too! yuck!! Ashvegas will be awesome I'm sure of it!

puggerhugger said...

Yes Ashevegas will be awesome. Insurance filing sucks. If you get stuck in SC I will come n get ya. K?