Thursday, May 14, 2009

The blur that has been my week...

So D and K are flying up to Philly today and I'm realizing some things from their visit:
  • I wish I had more time with them. It's kinda hard b/c they live in Seattle.
  • For some reason, DD and I have always been two peas in a pod. Friendship like that is hard to find and probably one of God's greatest gift's to me.
  • D and K were not living in Columbia when I started my private psychotherapy practice. What I'm realizing is that being around them is so good for my soul, it feels like a vacation. Which is all well and good if I were out visiting in Seattle, but not so good when I'm here in Columbia.
  • So it's been hard to focus this week and get into the swing of the work that I do.
Other things blogworthy:

A big thanks to my Gram who helped me craft a needle bag to my secret swap partner. I'm sending out her box tomorrow. My Gram is the best and I love her to pieces. I love watching her sew and she has the softest hands on the planet.

I showed her my socks and realized that the first one I did, I knit the gusset on the wrong side so I just turned it inside out. My first pair of socks will be unique that is fo' sho'!

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