Monday, May 11, 2009

Holy Hotness that is...

SPOCK! Perhaps I find him incredibly attractive because he reminds me of someone I once dated but still...he was fantastic yesterday in Star Trek. And I thoroughly enjoyed the movie but Cooter explained to me that there will be people that are pissed because it deviates a bit from the old Star Trek story line. Either way, I loved it!

Other things happening of note:
DD and Kyle will be in town and I get to have dinner with her. DD is my dearest friend and lives in Seattle. She lived here in Columbia for 7 years before moving back home and she is my dearest friend and I adore her. She is the one that I go visit out in Seattle every other year..and so this is extra special b/c I wasn't planning on being able to see her at ALL this year but now I get to..even if it's just for a few hours or so....

In knitting news:

  • I have finished my handmade item for my secret spoilee and will be hanging with Grammy tomorrow to wrap up the goodness that is her box. It's gonna be awesome, that's all I'm sayin'!
  • I have been blessed enough to receive some awesome yarn that I will be playing with later but as usual, I'm still obsessed with socks.
  • I'm almost done with my Brave Girl socks..and when I get them finished, boy oh boy, you will know b/c they will be plastered all over meh blog.
  • Nursing my habit for sock goodness, I treated myself to this:
This lovely sock pron would be a 50% bamboo/50% wool blend sock yarn that I got for a steal from Free shipping and $36 later, I will have in my possession 10 skeins of sock goodness that I might share with people if I don't drool all over it first.

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