Saturday, March 28, 2009

in which..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

Call it the weather, the stress, the commitment I made to teach 5 water aerobic classes a week (yes, I'm a moron), or just plain dysthymia, but I'm hella tired and hella uninspired.

If I blogged about what was going on in this silly little mind right now, it would be probably big piles of hot pink fluff, filled with snapshots of sunny days, and beautiful yarn.

But I can say this: I'm getting better at teaching H20 aerobics. I've blogged again and again about the wonders it has done for my self esteem. And I'm getting better, and since I just started teaching in September, that ain't too bad.

My psychotherapy practice continues to be blessed. Have had some stressors there but the super secret ninja therapy code of honor prevents me from getting into it here on the blog-o-sphere.

I believe I'll be getting my hot little hands on two books that I've been lusting after care of the Richland County Public Library. Yes, I live in Lexington. Yes, I thought being a business owner that I could get a membership to the Richland County Library for free. I was wrong but I took one look at those books at the main branch and got sucked for a year at least, I'ma be reading everything I can get my paws on that the Lexington Branch doesnt have. And Richland County has PC Cast's novels and that is what my focus is on these days. I'm also about to get Vampire Academy which I've been waiting for..oh..since before Christmas.

Joy monkey arrived yesterday and she's tiny and funny. Here are some pictures of the girls meeting her. And yes, I know I'm nuts to be excited about sock monkeys but it's this sillyness that saves my life on more occassions than I'd care to admit most of the time.

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