Monday, February 9, 2009

Why i love the Hubs

(Picture is to illustrate my point...not the real thing)

Unfortunately, the weekend brought with it a nasty bug that has the Hubs..aka Cooter..hacking, sneezing, stuffy a no-good-feeling little fish. So when he said the following to me, it just warmed my heart.

Fru (me) sitting in the kitchen, goofing around on and holding, Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison.

Hubs: "What is that mangled piece of poo that you've got in your hands?"

Fru: "It's Dead Witch Walking from the library".

Hubs: "You see, Fru...this is why I don't get books from the library. That book looks disgusting. It looks like it's been run over a few times, the cover's all mangled and now it has somebody's nasty cooties on it".

Fru: "I know but it's free. It came from the library."

Hubs: "Well, put it up. I'll order you the omnibus version that has the first two books from my SciFi bookclub. That thing is just gross and I don't want you reading it."

Fru: (beaming): "Okay!!"

This is why I love my husband. Because he's just freakin' awesome..even if he's a snotty, grouchy little fish today.