Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The princess has to share her castle?! Nonsense!

(This is wat the hubs looks like)

So the Hubs..aka..Cooter is home again today because the nasty virus-killer-bug-cranky-maker thing he has is kicking his butt.

So this Wednesday blog is dedicated to the Princess (meh) sharing her castle (normally reserved for me and the kitty divas on Wednesday mornings) with the little fish who is ill (Cooter).

So it's Wednesday and thus far this week has been quiet week.

Practice is steady, hoping to finish SassylePoof! this Friday w/ Grammy, finished my skully washcloth, got an awesome RAK from Gramma. I'm off to take pics and post.

1 comment:

Betty Graham said...

It is a shame our Guy has to be sick so near his birthday

Bah and Humbug to that virus