Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recovering from Bucket of Suck!

So Friday was most definitely a BadNewsBears day, with the accountant delivering the inevitable news that yet again, Uncle Sam will be making a shit-ton of money off of this family again this year. Thank goodness my CPA is awesome and said things to me like, "Look, focus on your tax payments this year and we will take care of the other stuff after that." So I don't feel like too much of a doofus b/c I've already set aside monies for January's taxes.

But when I got the crummy news on Friday, it meant that I needed to do more investigative work with my Quicken and didn't get to finish up SassylePoof!, my sock monkeh. So she's still in the grocery bag, complaining of a lumpy tail and butt but I think she'll be okay.

Spent much of the weekend going through financial yuckness but it's better now.

Now, a special something for my guild buddies, who want to know where the name, "LaSarah" comes from and all the wacky things I say while I'm playing so enjoy my tank's namesake below:

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Rusty said...

Here is your Hello Kitty link....

ONly made it about 10 seconds into the video...sorry