Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflections on 2008

By far, the most fabulous picture of me taken this year.

So this year is winding down and there are lots of things for me to reflect on. I started the year a bit shell-shocked by a health issue and had to tend to that. I'm happy to report that I'm probably the healthiest I've been in the last 6 years. Sure I still carry a bit of fluff but the athlete in me says, "Don't worry about it; we are strong".

Perhaps one of the greatest joys of this year has been my certification to teach water aerobics and letting the natural athlete come out in me. I had no idea when I got certified in September what a gift I would be giving to myself. Now as I attempt to give myself the gift of consistent yoga practice, I am much more gentle and kind.

Endings and beginnings:
The year started with the suicide of a former client that was most heartbreaking. In October, we lost our Uncle Tumbleweed and that was also unexpected and saddening. Today I am sad and my heart aches for my Mama as we learned yesterday that Sheba, Mama & Papa's chocolate lab of almost 12 years, has cancer. Endings and beginnings.

Beginnings included the birth of Tripp Turman on the anniversary of my grandfather's death and the birth of Charlie Kea in November. Charlie and Tripp have mom's that are very dear to me. Beginnings include my work with a new therapist who loves me and thinks I'm extraordinary and tells me this often.

Another wonderful beginning this year has been Tasha and Belle joining our family. If God were to give me a sister, it would be her. The joy I've felt when my brother invited her and Belle to join our family has been delightful.

Another joy has been playing trombone with my Dad and the world's kewlest nerfew, GooberGrape. To have a "tbone jam session" with the three of us is just awesome. And to play in the community concert band with my Dad is something that I never thought I'd get to experience. It's great...truly great.

Professionally, I continue to be blessed beyond my dreams. God is good and I count on Him to get me through the tough times. I've found a family group through the American Academy of Psychotherapists and this is scary and wonderful at the same time. I continue to work on me and cry when the work is harder than I'd like it to be and dance with joy when I find that I've made it through the mire of self doubt and self-imposed cruelty.

So for the upcoming year I wish you all a year of peace, gratitude, and joy. It goes back to the quote at the top of my blog that I took from something the yarn harlot wrote, "While I know the year ahead will be a tough thing is for sure...if we lean on each other and are kind to each other, it will be a lot more easy going for all of us".

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