Saturday, December 6, 2008!

So it's Saturday, and this happy girl is at home!!

The day started with Betterhalf informing me that he's ready to clean out his side of the closet. He's had clothes in there since we moved into the house 6.5 years ago that were in much need of being donated. So this made me incredibly happy and I now have two HUGE trash bags in the front room to cart up to Goodwill.

Plans for today include...listening to Anne Lamott's Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith on tape while I finish up some socks I'm knitting on the knifty knitter for my little brother. Other plans include....wait for it...nothing. Not a darn thing...I'm resting today. I'll tinker, putter, maybe play around with Silver's Sock Tutorial b/c I've got amazing women who sent me amazing sock yarn..but I am resting.

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