Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Battling dragons w/ a jacked up back

Hello lovelies!

First, to celebrate the news that lil' bro, Tash, & AB will be visiting next week, enjoy some broccoli:

Yesterday was a blessing. I had a limited time in the office and ran some errands to finish up my holiday shopping. All was going well until...BAM! My lower back started to kill me! By the evening, I didn't want to walk anywhere, I was mean to Betterhalf, and longed for my heating pad. It's better today and I'm hoping that h20 aerobics will help it even more.

It's hard being a super hero when your back is jacked up..I'm just sayin'.........

1 comment:

Tashahart said...

what super hero is this that you are , and hwat super powers do you potray!?