Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In which...

La'Fru loves jollypyrate!!!!

Not only did I get a kick azz box on Monday, today in the mail was a package from Jollypyrate, an awesome AWESOME knitter down in Florida. It is so awesome..I had to take pictures to share. If you have small children that don't know what a penis is, you may want to move them away from the screen...NOW.
My very own penis chapstick holder!!! Hells yeah!!!
JiJi inspected the goods, which included awesome sock yarn in Gryffindor House Colors!!! Awesome!
Me being mischievious, as usual!
Look, ma! A penis!

Awesome!!! I had no idea when i joined Ravelry in October that I would be so blessed with such awesome, amazing, kind and giving women!!! Naomi/Jollypyrate..I loves you!! You fill my heart with joy!!! Thank you, you amazing woman!!!!

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Tashahart said...

say it with me now. Penis, Penis, Penis ! love you !