Sunday, July 20, 2008 whammy?

Hello Cutie Pies!

Yesterday was fabulous. Late July in Seattle and I'm rockin' out in a sweatshirt and shorts! LOVE IT!! Got awesome reports that my Grammie got settled into her new abode in Columbia and was thrilled with it. This makes me incredibly happy!

Yesterday started with venturing to Second Use, a store where contractors and people drop off things for resale that include doors, cabinets, etc. It reminded me a lot of the place where the guys on Mythbusters go to get stuff to blow up!! I so wish we had one in Columbia!

Then DD and I ventured to Snoqualmie Falls which was just beautiful. I took pictures of what I think is one of the highest waterfalls in the US. It was great but I got a little skerrid of heights so I didn't linger too long on the observation deck. I got lots of pictures of that!

Then we ventured to South Center so I could pick up the sweater that I had a crush on. I'm happy to report that said sweater agreed to come home with me so we can live happily (and warmly) ever after! Had some delicious Thai food and tried to watch The Hammer that has Adam Carolla in it. was BAD that we shut it off and didn't even finish it.

Today's adventures include headed to a Pampered Chef party hosted by DD's sister and seeing another part of Washington state. I am very excited about it. Not sure what my plans are for tomorrow. I want to look up that huge Buddhist Temple that's near here and go visit. Other plans for the week include: acupuncture (hawt!!), ferry ride, The Rack @ Nordstrom, and the Public Market...and possibly PF Changs b/c I've never been there!!