Saturday, July 19, 2008

Look, honey..EMO toes!

Yesterday was a complete blast!!!! Let me start by saying that the weather here is in girlfriend prolly will need to buy a sweater or two!!
Started the day off with a pedicure at SpaBlix. Girlfriends, it was so she-she!! I chose a color that looks like bing cherry but really looks like EMO black on my feet. I don' care because it's fabulous.
Then we went to Daniels, a steak house, where I had the best prime rib french dip EVER!! And bing cherry tart!! It was good eats and we sat out on the porch so we could look out on Lake Union and see the Lake Planes take off. It was just great!!
Then we ventured to Nordstrom, where it was pure mayhem because today is the first day of their two week anniversary sale. I was able to buy three really great things that just made me look cute as a button! DD also got me philosophy's Pink Lemonade Kit..where I now have body lotion, bath stuff and lip balm that tastes like Pink Lemonade!! YUMMAY!!
Then we ventured home, where I got to try out TacoTime..which is a much healthier version of TacoBell and it was again, good eats. We vegged and made our plans for today.
Today's adventures include possibly taking in an Air Show, which is kewl cuz I've never been to one before or going to the Waterfall not far from here.
Okay, bebies!..Happy Saturday!

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