Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh Snap! La'Fru's in Seattle!

Good morning babies! Although I believe that it's prolly noon at there by now.
So I am here in Seattle and so thankful that I made it in one piece. I had a heck of an adventure yesterday. Forgive the misspellings because girlfriend is hurrying b/c she's about to go get her "nails did".

La'Fru's Big Ol' Travel Adventure
So I make it up to Charlotte and all the remote lots are full so I luck out and get in the overflow lot. As in pay us 10 bucks flat and you're all set. Get to the gate in Charlotte and request my seat assignment and learn that the flight has been oversold and I can either wait to get bumped or buy business class. I've never flown business class so I chunk down my $49 extra dollas and say, "Sign me up! I'm on VAAAKAAAY". Flight was late landing in Charlotte so instead of being able to mosey around ATL, girlfriend landed in Atlanta, hauled her cute azz right down to the gate for the outgoing to Seattle and walked right onto the plane. I was skerrid..because I forgot that July is a very popular month to be travelling. So peeps were everywhere and most of them were grouchy. I managed to get the last seat in the very back of a big ol' honkin' plane and managed to get sat next to this oh so nice guy, who happened to be as tall as Betterhalf 5'11 and built like a brick shithouse, also like Betterhalf. So in sitting down, I ended up practically in his lap, which was a nice little ice breaker!! "Err..excuse me..I didn't mean to put half of my badonkadonk in your lap, Mister Man!!". He was a nice guy and I was relieved.

So I'm rocking out in the flight. Betterhalf saved the day because he loaded Juno, the funniest movie onto my PSP. So I watched that, listened to The Host (still not much better on audio book, Tash) and relaxed. UNTIL...the fasten seatbelt light came on and seriously, it felt like I was on a rollercoaster at Carowinds. As in..almost got thrown of of my seat twice, got very close and comfy with my neighbor because that's what happens when you are being bounced around on a big plane, flying over hot weather pockets in July, crammed into a seat that would make almost a SkinnyMinny squirm. So I decided to rock out then to Mandy Moore's Wild Hope, which is, I've decided, one of my favorite albums.
We finally landed, DD was there with coffee, and this girl was happy. Thank God for nice people to sit by, Dramamine, and the fact that I'm 25 lbs lighter.

I'm off to have some adventures today. I am going to be taking most of my pics with my cell phone because the batteries for my digital camera do not seem to be charging in a timely manner! I did snap some really goofy pics of me in first class because it was the first time this girl was in First Class!!
That's it for now. La'Fru (in Seattle) out!!

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Tashahart said...

aww ewll havea blast and sorry The HOST is not working for either of us, at least we have the Twilight Saga ! I just preordered the fourth and final !