Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Now a fan of...

acupuncture!! Yes, yesterday I had my first of what will be many sessions with an acupuncturist. It was awesome. I have strong Qi (pronounced CHEE) and my body responded positively to it almost immediately. Acupuncture has been proven to help with issues of infertility, fatigue, chronic pain, and weight loss. I just went to check it out and just really liked it!

I started my adventures yesterday by driving to the Park & Ride and hopping the bus into Downtown Seattle. The bus got packed rather quickly but I got into downtown and right at the steps of Nordstrom where I decided to return a pair of capris I bought on Friday and exchange the lover-sweater that I bought because the first one had a hole in it. Then I ventured to the Nordstrom Rack, where clothes from Nordstrom are 50-60% off. I managed to score four cute shirts for less than $50.

Then La'Fru took herself down to the Public Market. As usual, people were standing around, waiting for the guys to throw fish. Here's a tip: They don't throw fish unless you buy one. So the Market was packed but I got myself in line to get the best fresh mini doughnuts on the planet. After scoring some good eats, I meandered around the Market. Fell in love with this cute Bischon Firse (sp?) named Bella at a bead shop and was given a ZunniBear..I'll post pictures when I get home. A ZunniBear is a turqouise bear given for good luck. I was so happy that the beadshop guy gave it to me. Then I procured a postcard for La'Tasha and wandered some more until I met up with WonderD for our appointments with the acupuncturist.

After a dinner at PF Changs..which was nice..I never had been there, we wandered around until we caught the bus home. We were very tired and I slept like a rock last night. I should mention that the record heat that was here when I was out two years ago is non-existent. Every where I've been, I've been in shorts and a sweatshirt or a long sleeved shirt.

Today, my plans are to check out the Buddhist Temple in Federal Way and maybe Trader Joes. I also am going to try to check in online for my outgoing flight to see if there is anyway possible that Mommy can score business class on the red eye.

This trip has been amazing. I wish Betterhalf where here with me and I miss him!

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Tashahart said...

score one for a postcard!!!