Thursday, July 24, 2008

Homeward bound...

This is La'Fru, bringing you my last blog from the beautiful city of Federal Way, a suburb of Seattle, WA. :(

My trip has been awesome!! Just awesome. I will post lots of pictures when I get home and Betterhalf can upload them over the weekend.

The plan for today is for me to venture to the Buddist Temple, and then come home and make sure I'm all packed up and charged. Then K and I will pick up DD from Downtown and go for a Ferry Ride and then get fish and chips!! Apparently Seattle is known for good fish and chips. Then I will make my way to the airport, where I can rest easy and possibly sleep because girlfriend scored an upgrade last night to business class. I am finding that it IS necessary for such a long azz flight for me to be comfortable so I sucked it up and paid for an upgrade. And it is going to be much better travel than my way out here.

I will land in ATL tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM. I'll putter around and then head for Charlotte around 9 AM and land around 10:30 AM. I'll then venture back to ColaTown so I can putter, love on the kitty babies and take a nap before Betterhalf gets home and we can play Age of Conan. I've already lined up a massage for when I get back and will also spend some time on Saturday visiting the new Casa de Grammy.

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Tashahart said...

cant wait to see picture and tell grams and your folks hi !