Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weekly recap

  • Monday, my throat was hurting.
  • Tuesday, I was joking in session with a client about someone's overly religious blog she had discovered via Facebook. The blog went something like, "And I awoke this find Jeebus on my coffee table...."...and we both doubled over in laughter, cackling about this.
  • Wednesday, God..Jeebus' big daddy said, "Fru, that's what you get for laughing about my son, Jeebus. I shall smote you down with the killer of all sinus infections". So Wednesday, I felt like poopy.
  • I called my doc to try to get worked in or at least get a Zpac and was informed that my doc is booked b/c she's moving to Atlanta. When I asked who was coming in to assume her practice, I was told that I could either stay with the remaining physician, whom I've never met or I could go with another doctor. This made me sad, folks..really sad. But I was able to request my Zpac.
  • Today, I called and learned that my doc had called above mentioned meds into the pharmacy and I raced my happy, snotty, chapped behind down there as fast as I could.

So the moral of the story is this:
  • Don't mess with Jeebus. He really does know all and see all.


Tashahart said...

well pray ro the almighty Jeebus and pray that insurance cover my excess boobage removal!! i have a consulation/evaulation on monday and i hope all goes well and that insurance will cover me now that i have jump through all the hoops!

Leslie said...

You make me smile!