Monday, May 12, 2008

Pics of the vaaaakaaaaaaay

Okay, this isn't a pic of my vaaaaaaakaaay. But it's a pic of Sweet Bellaboo, who turned 3 last week. Your Auntie Fru loves you to pieces!!

This is Special Ed Fru!! heheheeheh.
Truth be told, I was excited about getting on a Harley for the first time EVER.

Proof that big badonkadonk's can get on motorcycles.

Me and Aunt Mander Pants and a blurry Pops on the metro.

self portrait of Fru on the metro.

US Treasury. I got monies!

Obligatory White House shot, after the sad 10 minute tour.

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Tashahart said...

btw way i've introduce you already to Bella, she see your picture on my computer and i've told her whomm you are and she goes: "thats John, and Joey, and Windy"(with an "i" bc it sounds so cute coming from her!) love you too auntie fru!

looks like you had a great ole time!