Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Happy March!! Here's what I've been knitting/crotchetting!!!

The hubby surprised me by getting me an iPhone and since the case I wanted for it is back ordered, I took the left over rainbow sock yarn and made a temporary case for it by treble crocheting both strands together.

Did you know that yesterday I ran for 5 minutes straight? I dedicated yesterday's run to my late Pap Pap but here's another thing: your ears get cold when you run! So I took some yarn that was dyed just for me by ilovesockmonkeys on ravelry and wiped out a really quick granny square-inspired headband and ear warmer thingy. I could have added a flower to it..but I'm not girly when I run..I'm FIERCE!!

And here they are!! My double-rainbow socks are done!!! By far, my favorite sock yarn to work with because seriously, how can you be pissy when you're holding rainbows in your hands? I'm just sayin'....


knittinwolf said...

Love the Rainbow socks...flippin awesome!

wooliegirl said...

Those are the happiest socks I have seen, love them! I tried 3 times to knit a headband and kept frogging, because I couldn't figure it out! I need to try again, because I love yours.

Knitting is Gluten Free said...

Beautiful socks! Love the colors.

PS: In your windchime KuruKuru advertisement . . . is that Japanese? Are your contacts there okay? I pray yes.