Monday, February 28, 2011

decision time. gulp!

More things I love about me and my life:

23. I love that I taught myself how to crochet & I enjoy it immensely.
24. I love that I have a spot in Brad Gansberg's Run in 100 days
25. I love that I have finally found a book that explains my intuition.
26. I love that I now eat veggies every day at breakfast.
27. I love that I found seeds to grow veggies at The Dollar Tree.
28. I love that I am embracing my inner geek and love stuff like Battlestar Galactica, WoW and that I understand the stuff they talk about on Big Bang Theory.

Whew! Oh and here's the stuff I've made this month:

Queen Anne's Lace crocheted scarf

Crocheted fingerless gloves to give as a gift (modeled by the hubs, isn't he a cutie?)Weebebeh hat for my friend L's new bebehgirl!I finished my Nutkin not so much socks! They are meh!

Other things perkin' about:

  • The Tax gods smiled on us and we broke even.
  • Negotiations continue on a new Fru-mobile
  • I made the tough decision to stop doing Jazzercise to focus on other training stuff. You can read more about that here
  • I made another tough decision to NOT go to Atlanta for a quarterly supervision group. It's about paying off debts, y'all.


wooliegirl said...

Congrats on finishing so many wonderful projects, great work! And I do like those "man hands" :)
I understand about paying off the debt, that stuff is hard!

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

are you turning into a "hooker" too??!!