Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Holy crap, I need to update!

Alright Sunshines, more February love about me:

8. I love the decision I make to not take myself too seriously.
9. I love very much that I like to learn new things.
10. I love the fact that I try to find cheapy cheap books.
11. I love my practice office space:
12. I love the fact that my parents paid for braces for me when I was little to give me a killer smile.
13. I love that I married my best friend and I think it was the smartest decision I could have ever made.
14. i love that I'm not afraid to kamakaze my body in my gym. I used to be skerrid.
15. I love my family.
16. I love that I have two amazing kitty divas that love me unconditionally.
17. I love that my husband supports me and helped me make my dream of working for myself come true.
18. I love that I finally learned how to knit so that Gram and I can sit and knit at least once a week.
19. I love Ravelry and all the awesome people that I have met online.
20. I love to dance.
21. I love that I can run a bit now.
22. I love that it's Wednesday, I'm uploading my podcast and bloggin' instead of being at work just yet.


prymnumber said...

Hey Fru,

Glad you are back! You know what? All those things you love about yourself make you a more lovely person. And we LOVE you for that! Thanks for being part of my virtual knitting group and my virtual walking partner!


Heather said...

i love this picture of you:) you look happy, comfortable, and you are knitting it UP :) those colors look very nice on you:)